Seeing our vision take shape

Brad checking out the addition of another main living beam; Josh putting the finishing touches on the guesthouse siding.

Recycled Cedar

Recycled cedar in it's original location.

Dave Bennink, Re-Use Consulting, delivered this cedar after a full day of deconstruction. Dave arrived with the delivery at 9:30, and still needs to drive home to Bellingham (another 2 hours). Long, long days!

Brad inspects the pile.

Beautiful reused cedar.


Beautiful day!

Viewing our vegetable garden from the east on this beautiful sunny NW day.

Old Barn Siding

The siding on the guesthouse is almost completed. Just a few boards left to go around the roof. An interesting thing has happened now that the siding is almost finished. People are asking us if we are remodeling. The siding does make this little building look like the old farm outbuilding we'd hoped for.

Main Living Center Beam

Travis and Brad work on the center beam, many feet off the ground.

The beam's brackets. Don't ever let it be said that Brad under engineers things. This house will be here well into the future, unlike many of the other new homes being built.

Lois and Brad

Lois visits our site and talks with Brad about possible building design work on her home.

Guesthouse plumbing

The toilet and drain plumbing.

The sink plumging

And, Steve the plumber, working in the machine room.

Closing in on the siding

The guesthouse siding is getting close to being completed. By the end of the week it will be finished except for the top piece. Barn swallows scooted into the crack at the top and are raising a family. We'll need to wait for the babies to leave the nest before we can completely close it up.


And yet more siding...

The guesthouse is looking better and better as the old barn siding is installed. The corner detail is outstanding and the instant "aging" is amazing.


More Siding

This new building is going to look decidedly old when the siding is finished.

Cleaning up recycled wood

Mike and Dan lend us a hand pulling nails and cleaning up the final pile of recycled wood from Tacoma.


Siding the Guesthouse

The bad news, sadly, is this old barn siding is no longer on a barn. The barn was demolished to clear the way to build more houses on farm land. The good news is it will grace our new guesthouse. The wood was gently removed from the barn, the nails pulled, and then it was preserved with a natural deck oil. This photo is of the first few pieces to be put up on the NW corner.


"Coldest June in more than a century"

The Seattle PI headline today. Snowplows were busy clearing snow on Snoqualmie Pass, with less than two weeks before summer solstice. Snow level is at 2,500 feet and temperatures are at least 10 degrees below normal. We've all been whining about the cold, rain and lack of spring, but it's justified. The weather sucks. There is, unfortunately, no end in sight before the end of June. The weather has definitely been a problem with our construction project with some days just too awful to pump up the motivation.

Powering the Main Living Wing

The various utilities, including the new service box, are getting hooked up. Today Lance and Golda installed the box. Yesterday Josh and Brad built the walls and organized the pex from the electrical from the phone from the DSL and on and on...



Book-ended between Ed and Brad, our good friends from Seattle, Jacquinot and Bob, visit for the day.


More Beams in Place

Here Katrina, Brad and Josh are lifting the third beam into place. A forth is expected to be in place before the end of the day. These pictures are of the third beam on the NE corner of the main living wing as it is being secured. News Alert: A phone call (5:30) just came through reporting a fifth beam was just lifted into place.

Beam trimming

One of our huge beams on the rollers after coming through the band saw.

Prototype Table

This is the quick prototype for the tables that will fit in the vaults running down the middle of the main living space.

Now there are three...

On Friday the third post was put in place to support the guesthouse porch. And, naturally, once the concrete sets up the 2x4 will vanish.