Tater Tot and Sushi Moto

We've had a sad kitty month. Both of Brad's much-loved kitties have died recently. Toter Tot of old age and Sushi Moto of Cancer. Goodbye sweet kitties.

Benton At Six Months

Benton is growing up. At 35 lbs. he's the perfect size and we're hoping he will stop growing, RIGHT NOW. He's a cutie and we're loving him most of the time. Every now and then though his puppy antics are trying, but mostly he's super.

Where are we?

It's amazing how the foliage is almost hiding our buildings from the east. As we look out our windows, towards the east, it doesn't seem like we are so hidden. Yet, from the neighbor's backyard, our screening is very effective.

Benton Forces our Hand

Although we didn't want to fence our property, we're doing it. Our outdoor/indoor life with all the doors wide open all summer long got us to thinking about our new pup. At some point he could be trained to stay within our property borders, but for now, he's still an unreliable puppy.

We're putting up a wire fence that, through the years, will be smothered in foliage making it invisible. For now we can see it, but barely.

Worker Bees!

Fredley's two fence builders -- Mr. Ed and the Brad Guy.


I failed to post pictures of our finished screens. With the foilage filling in it's almost impossible to see them in some places. What we love is more privacy in our bed/bath and loosing the view of the neighbor's storage area. Plus, the metal roofing we used on the screens (matching the siding of the mainliving building), extends the architecture into the garden, enhancing both the buildings and the outdoor spaces.