I turned my back for one minute...

and there's the framing for the guesthouse floor.


checks out our barn's upper level.

Phase Two Moving Forward...

The back fill is coming up on the outside of the heat sink.
Inside the heat sink, now fully insulated, a thin covering of

sand is being added over the bottom insulation before the
tubing is put in place.

Here, on the main living and guesthouse, the steel posts are
in place; the I-beams are in place; and the beam across the
steel posts is in place. Also, after one very wet day yesterday,
the tarp is in place.

I-beams for the bridge between the guesthouse and main living space

A closeup of the steel posts and beam which support the east side of the guesthouse.

Close, but no cigar...

The complexities of a modern building project visited us this morning. Michael Morgan, the Electrical Inspector, was both helpful and kind as he noted the need for a few small code safety modifications before we can pass our final inspection on the barn.

Thanksgiving '07

Our barn on a beautiful, but cold, Thanksgiving day.

At 36 degrees and clear we had a wonderfully brisk early morning Thanksgiving ride before dispersing for other Thanksgiving activities. (Laurie, Fran, Brad, Erin, Ed )

Fran giving Deb & Greg a Cook's Tour

A brief visit with Rhonda, Kerry & Finn on the day after Thanksgiving.



We just received another load of drain rock to insure good drainage around our main living building. At the base of the heat sink we put in drain rock and perforated pipe, then back filled with sand. Now, on top of that we're putting in more perforated pipe and more drain rock. We should have the water picked up, and shipped out, at all levels.



visited a few weeks ago but I inadvertently
neglected to post her picture to the blog.

Early Thanksgiving

We enjoyed Thanksgiving early this year, complete with
a construction tour; a turkey, with no fuss trimmings, dinner;
walking and shopping Langley; plus a great bike ride.

Deb and Greg; Ed; Joe and Nancy (Greene
Partners); and Brad


Moving forward...

Framing begins on the guesthouse.

The heat sink is fully insulated now -- looks like
a swimming pool with its baby blue lining.

The posts for the guesthouse are set in concrete.

The crew: Kent, Brad, Ben & Travis.


Full Crew

Ben & Kent work on finishing up the insulation in
the heat sink.

Brad and Travis set the posts for the guesthouse.


Almost in Place...

The two I-Beams are now parallel. This work
happened last Thursday with Kent, Ben and Brad
doing the heavy lifting.

Ben and Brad check out the second I-Beam.
It's up but not quite in place yet. Once the posts
are cut even, it will be lifted to rest on top.


Our Neighborhood's White Fawn

The Second I-Beam

The posts have been set, with bracing, to receive the second I-Beam, in foreground. It will run parallel to the first I-Beam spanning the two buildings.

Before moving the I-Beam, Kent and Brad cut off 12 feet so it will be a tiny bit lighter.

Here's the I-Beam before it was moved into place this afternoon.

Saying Goodbye to Friends...

Liza, with pup, visits on her way out of town. Phil has moved to Flagstaff, where his new job is with the Grand Canyon Trust. Liza is wrapping things up and will be hitting the road on Sunday to join him. Fortunately, they've only rented their Whidbey Island home so we're keeping our fingers crossed they will one day return.

For Barry #2

Brad's table sketch

For Barry #1

Photos of table prototypes


The Gregors

Our good friend, Greg, of 30+ years, grabs a Whidbey weekend. He checked out our construction project; had an on-site BBQ; took in both Mukilteo and Useless Bay Coffee Shops; plus we managed a Maxwelton Beach bike ride. A wonderful weekend!


The Life of a Construction Dog

Ben looks on as Annie shows her dislike of the new ditch.

But, with a little food bribery, and friendly persuasion, in she goes, but not for long...

The Last Ditch...

before porcelain

Today, Ben finished up the ditch across the driveway for the final link in the sewer line.

Fred and Ben work the ditch