PCT South to PCT Central

Another transition happened today with Brad crossing from California's Southern PCT to the Central PCT.  He's traveled from predominately the hot and dry desert to the high Sierras.  From very hot to the strong possibility of snow in the land of the giant trees and mountains plus the extremes in elevation and weather.  The rattlesnakes will be consistent but the bears a bigger problem.  Bob cats, mountain lions, coyote and fox could be sighted. 

I've heard about the Pacific Crest Trail for years and years, and with a great deal of interest have noted the trail signs from time-to-time when I've been in the mountains.  But, I must admit, I never really focused on the "crest" part of the trail name.  Now that I'm looking at a PCT map daily, the meaning of "crest" is being driven home.  The trail does go through the desert, but on the crest not the flat, and so the trail continues on the crest all the way through California, Oregon and Washington.

Pacific Crest Trail Association
trail overview
What a national treasure we have and how lucky we are that the PCT travels through our state and from tip-to-tip of our beautiful Pacific coast.