Recycled Roofing Becomes the Perfect Screen

Our new screen makes use of the same recycled roofing we used to side our main living building. It will be capped with black flashing to give it a finished, refined look. Although we're liking the open feeling of our neighborhood, for this part of our garden we needed to screen away the neighbor's unsightly storage and provide bathroom privacy. This 40 feet of screening does the job.
Even the back side looks good, but doesn't really need to since it faces the neighbor's storage area and propane tank.
The close proximity of the neighbor's studio which is nonconforming being only 1 foot from our property line is one of the reasons we needed to screen this section of our property.

Moving our New Screen Along Toward Finished...

Some familar faces are back on the Fredley project -- much missed and very welcomed back -- working on our new screen.
Brad (dbBrad)


A Privacy Need

We've long intended to build a screen between a studio on our neighbor's property to the north and our guesthouse building. Finally we're getting around to doing that project. Between storage on the back of the studio and their propane tank, it is not a very attractive scene. Further, our bath windows look that way so for privacy this 40' screen is critical.

Rain, rain and more rain.

We've been having enough rain to think about building an ark. The land on Whidbey is completely saturated with puddles everywhere; ditches full; catch basins overflowing; wetlands, creeks and lakes high; and people growing webbed feet. Fortunately, our built pond and wetland are handling our roof and site water beautifully. The pond is draining into the wetland, as planned, and the wetland is filling, with about a foot of capacity yet to go. It appears we've provided for more than adequate overflow. If this storm doesn't fill it to capacity, it's hard to imagine what would. Yesterday afternoon, after it stopped raining, the wetland showed no signs of water on the surface after about 2 hours so the absorption is rapid.

dbBrad our design builder and I worked together on this project, and two other storm water projects in Greenbank.