Living Art

As part of John's art the reworking is part of the experience. For our garden we modified the piece he brought to be more organic with stone rather than the cut glass of the original piece. We also installed it by hanging it as part of our front entry rain "chain" system.

Garden Art

Some fabulous new garden art arrived today. John of RE brought by a couple more pieces for loan and Brad and Erin gathered some wonderful stones for a cairn.


Karra & Dennis

Seeing Karra and Dennis again, after several years, was wonderful. Unfortunately, their son (now 6) didn't come along because they were having a business meeting with Brad and didn't want the distraction. However, we haven't seen him since he was an infant, so we were disappointed. We're looking forward to the next visit -- with all three of them!


Our Crew Moves On.

Josh, Brad and Travis load up the table saw, saw horses, planer and a multitude of other tools for moving to a new job. Our barn is emptying out and we'll soon have both our car and our little tent trailer under cover. But, boy will we miss these guys.



Sweet Annie who helped us build our new home and has loved living here, died on the bridge, one of her favorite spots, on Saturday. Too soon we've had to dig a grave in our new garden and too soon we've had to say goodbye to our much loved pup (she was only 11). We have a huge, huge empty spot at Grace Lane and in our hearts.