Pleased seems like too weak a word...

The shadows, play of light, crisp look, design vision, craftsmanship all add up to a stunningly good looking shelf arrangement. I haven't quite finished my part -- adding the kitchen gear -- but am closing in on it. Couldn't wait another minute to capture the new look on the blog.

Kitchen Shelves are Up!

and we're delighted with our new shelves. Brad and Tim do it again!

Full day...

Brad is installing our new shelves on a  day he'd scheduled to the limit.   First, he had a quick early morning meeting followed by breakfast at Useless Bay Coffee with Erin, Ed and me.  Then another appointment before quickly installing our shelves, and then another appointment later in the afternoon, followed by a drive back to Bellingham.  Whew!

A glorious day of family and friends...


Lots of visitors today...

Kim with Annie

Peggy & Marty with Ed

Ursula & Ann

John with Brad

Shelves and brackets for kitchen

Updated garden and building shots

Stream under bridge

Entry garden with morning light

Main Living and Guesthouse looking north

Main Living and Guesthouse looking SW

Not very photogenic, but

here's the door to our machine room. After putting up and removing insulation to enter the machine room for all these months, having a door, fully functional, with hinges and handle, is one of those my-life-works-better items. The handle, by the way, is from Langley's very popular thrift store, Good Cheer.

The kitchen is dismantled...

Ed is dismantling the temporary shelves in main living  in preparation for installing our new glass shelves.  Beautiful metal brackets have been welded to hold the glass.  Brad, working away on design projects and the Bellingham remodel, will be on Whidbey today for the installation. Pictures of the new look later today.

Moving in on N E A T after two+ years of construction mess

Construction piles are going away and driveway gravel is getting spread.

Lots of little tasks...

A huge load of chips for mulching the garden is delivered;

a gift at our door turns into a catch-all for garden gadgets;

the beginning of a new door for our equipment room;

a new dogwood (Eddie's White Wonder) is planted;

a screen gets trimmed out;

new plants are put into the ground; and

a new stone wall at the entry gets built.