Ceteis Paribis

I must admit to being confused.  When I calculate my footprint on the earth, based on a number of on line formulas, the criteria consists of things like eating locally and organically; driving little and in a small car, or better using public transportation; purchasing energy efficient appliances; using efficient light bulbs; and turning off lights and turning down the heat.  Ok that all makes sense.  But what about space.  No questions, in the sites I consulted, is square footage included.  How big is the space I heat or light or that occupies the land?   How many lights do I have to turn off since my space is small?  If I only have a  few lights in a small space, but fail to turn them off all the time when not in use, is that worse than having dozens of lights all the time, but always turn them off when not in use?  It seems strange to me that size is not factored in.

Right now we live in a very small home of 870 square feet, yet the questions do not address the size of our home.  

Our big living but very small home of 870 square feet.
Then, when I fill out the same questions about the 100 square foot van we plan on living in full time, I get worse results because my answers are mostly the same but miles driven increase and our windows are not double pane.

Sprinter Airstream Westfalia

Ceteis paribis, every thing else being equal, square footage must make a difference.  There's an elephant in the room -- square footage.  Why are we not addressing how large we live?  Am I really to believe that my good or bad habits of such things as turning off the lights or replacing my light bulbs determines my foot print with no consideration to how large I live?


For Sale

Our beautiful home is for sale.  It's with a heavy heart on the one hand but with excitement and glee on the other.  We will be doing an ultimate downsizing and move into our new 2005 Sprinter Airstream Westfalia van to travel North America.  Click Thistle Adventure to follow our adventure.

Here are a a few photographs of our green home on Whidbey Island, located in the town of Langley, WA.  It is situated on 1/3 acre, fully landscaped with vegetable garden, pond, stream and a mixture of native plantings and ornamental plantings.  If you're a bird enthusiast you will enjoy the vast numbers and varieties of birds visiting the garden.  The three buildings were built by dbBrad using recycled materials.  

carport with office, laundry, bath, storage and workshop

main living and bedroom wing overlooking pond

pond and water catchment system

bed/bath building overlooking pond

bridge from bedroom to living area

west side garden



living room

view from bath into bedroom, past library

If you are interested please call Amy Raymond, 206 396 7016, or Shellie Moore, 206 391 1087 at Windermere Real Estate in Langley, Washington.   MSL# 657 460  Offered at $600,000.

New Gate

Our home has a new entry gate showcasing another fabulously creative design by dbbrad.

Mr. Ed looks dwarfed