Porch Acid Treatment

The process of staining the concrete on the porch has begun...

Little things

that make a huge difference -- like an entry closet and a cabinet over the refrigerator happened this week.


Our Second Sink Hole Table

Bottle Shelf

The glass shelves were completed a week, or so, ago. The new bottle shelf, made out of zipper steel, was installed this week.

Jeff visits...

Our Pt. Townsend friend, Jeff, visits for a day. 


Peak Masks

Our main living building has four peaks -- 2 inside and 2 outside. Those peaks now display our 4-mask collection.

On inside peak, east

On inside peak, west

On outside peak, west, under covered patio

On outside peak, east, under overhang

Double Duty

We knew, when we were designing our home, that living small would demand each room to do double or triple duty. Ed's office is also the guest room; the laundry sink doubles as a bath sink; the living room combines dining, kitchen and Fran's office; a hall way is also a library; and the guesthouse bedroom is also an exercise area. Even the wall bed must serve double duty with a table on the back side. But, we don't stop there. A pole we put in the lawn must pull its weightx2 too. It holds an umbrella to create a pleasant area to sit and then the same holder supports our clothes line.

Room with a view...

Yes, even the laundry room has a view to love as we look across the lawn to the neighbors on the north.


Our garden is producing nicely...

More lettuce than we can eat; broccoli for dinner; strawberries, blueberries and raspberries ripening; pumpkins appearing on the vines; and our first apples already forming just this second year.

Sink Hole Table

Brad created, in about 10 minutes, a sink hole table -- think donut hole!  Martha and Fran enjoy a cool glass of water at the new table. 

Early Morning Walk

With coffee in hand, I wander the garden each morning.  Today I took the camera with me and picked up a few shots.


Entry Porch

Entry porch again


Looking up

Main living and guesthouse

Finishing up the details...

Josh and Brad complete the ridge cap on main living.


Anne B

dropped by for a lovely long visit and lunch today, plus her first viewing of our new home.